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Puppets Should Speak is the story of Amanda, a gender-fluid human being, who is struggling in their relationship with their boyfriend, Alex. In hopes of healing the constant breakdown in communication they face as a couple, Amanda secretly starts seeing a therapist. 

When therapy fails to improve Amanda’s situation at home, they find themselves falling into the arms of Alex’s best friend, Frankie, for support. Chaos ensues when Amanda’s control-crazed therapists finds out about the infidelity and takes matters into his own hands.

To make things even more complicated, Alex and Frankie are both ventriloquist figures. Find out who pulls the strings in this outrageous and explosive comedy, coming soon to a theater near you!

“Puppets Should Speak is an innovative and surrealistic look at relationships that will keep you laughing for a long time afterwards. The amazingly resilient and clever cast is adept at walking the fine line between idiocy and genius. Is this a razor-sharp look at the struggles for healthy communications in a relationship, or just a slapstick comedy about someone who’s dating a ventriloquist’s dummy? Both are plausible, so you should check out the show and decide for yourself.” ~EastofIndy.com 

“Clichés, metaphors and allegories abound and one by one are imploded and exploded…” ~NUVO Magazine
"Are you prepared to take me as your mental health care provider, for better or worse, until death do us part?" 
STINK! A One-Bug Rock Opera

After an extraordinary rock-n-roll related accident, a humble stinkbug transforms to become the size of a human being. He soon realizes he is capable of emitting the world's strongest and most addictive narcotic . Manipulated by the cunning Johnny Rockstar, he becomes the front man of a cult-like rock band and creates a throng of zombie-like followers. Will true love be able to save him from destroying himself, his followers, and possibly the whole world? Only time will tell in this electrifying offering that's coming soon to a theater near you!