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The King & I: a Hunk of Burnin' Love
After Melvin’s grandmother is miraculously lifted from a coma by Elvis’s 1957 Christmas album, he decides the power of the King extends beyond the grave, changes his name to Melvis Praisely, and starts an Elvis evangelical church. Quickly ascending to cult-like superstardom, Melvis finds he must plunder the perils of newfound fame with potent pills, shiny capes, and bad karate. 

"Quintessentially American...I couldn't help falling in love with this very funny production." NUVO MAGAZINE

2013 Indy Fringe, Chicago Fringe;  2014 Cincy Fringe;  2015 Indyeleven Elvis 80th Celebration, Rochester Fringe, 2017 Indyfringe
Where Is My Mind?
Amanda's entangled in a forbidden love triangle between her boyfriend and his best friend. The biggest problem: Both are ventriloquist puppets. Mix in a manipulative, control-crazed psychologist and see who really pulls the strings in this outrageous and explosive original comedy.

"Razor sharp...innovative and surrealistic...the amazingly resilient and clever cast is adept at walking the fine line between idiocy and genius." Eastofindy.com

201o  Indy Fringe

Mesmerizing mind reading, crazy karaoke, vindictive ventriloquist figures, and even a soulful song are par for the course as Jackie Strait attempts to escape the one man show in his mind. Is he merely mad, or is there something more? In the end, only Jackie’s imagination…and yours…can set him free.

"Remarkable...side splittingly funny...deeply moving...Hallelujah, hell yes." Cincinnati Citybeat

2012 Cincy Fringe * Indy Fringe * Chicago Fringe

Pontificating presidents, sexy spies, and world-wide monkey mania collide in this uproarious political action comedy.  Can anyone survive the full-cast fist fight at the play’s unbelievable conclusion?  Come and see for yourself!

"Enthusiastically received...and good fun."  Broadwaybaby.com

2007 Edinburgh Fringe

Puppets Should Speak
Monkey Boy Saves the Planet
The award-winning creators of The King & I: a Hunk of Burnin’ Love bring their 4th new show in 5 years to the Fringe Festival circuit with the story of Vinnie Velour, an aspiring lounge singer who, after freezing at his big debut, earns his way back to the spotlight with side-splitting stories, spirited songs, and amazing audience chosen variety acts including plate spinning, mental magic, and sword swallowing.

2015 Indy Fringe; 2016 Cincy and Chicago Fringe Festivals