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We've got a lot to offer:
  • Schedule C performs original and re-imagined published material
  • Schedule C is always looking for unique ways to tell every story
  • Award winning design and direction
  • Powered, in full, by the sun . . . and kittens . . . cute, fluffy kittens

  • Combined, our company members have nearly 75 years of stage experience!!
  • 80% of our company has died on stage
  • 66% has been bruised and/or bloodied in stage combat
  • 50% has kissed on stage
  • 100% has worn funny pants

  • In addition to theatre, members of our company have also worked professionally as musicians, magicians, circus clowns,  and storytellers
  • Comedy, drama, improv, performance art, origami envelope artistry . . . we've done it all
  • Spinning plates on sticks?  Yeah, we know how to do that
  • Make out on stage with a ventriloquist doll? Awww, yeah

See that girl to the left?  She is one of our hard-working company members who, after so heartily promoting our show at the 2010 Indy Fringe Festival she fell asleep on the sidewalk, STILL remembered to scatter promotional handbills around her unconscious, corpse-like body for passersby to pick up.

This is the attitude of everyone involved with Schedule C.  We'll do it until we drop, and it's all for you, beautiful people!